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Peter F. Kappel

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P: 416-593-3936
F: 416-594-2439
  • Called to the Bar of Ontario, 1984
  • LL.B., University of Windsor, 1982
  • B.A.Sc., Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, 1977
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A pragmatic professional, Peter enjoys a multifaceted intellectual property practice that includes litigation and patent and trademark prosecution. His IP litigation-oriented background guides his creative approach when counselling clients on protecting and managing patent, design and trademark rights. Known for his ability to operate effectively under pressure, Peter runs a practical and client-focused practice, principles he brings with him from spending many years managing an IP boutique law firm he founded.

Protection for Important Assets

In an industry that has evolved tremendously over the last decade, clients (both direct and foreign associate firms) appreciate Peter’s unique skillset garnered from his IP litigation background. Described by colleagues and peers alike as a creative and detail-oriented fixer, Peter works tirelessly for his clientele, always operating with an “end game” mentality.

Peter is certified as a Specialist by the Law Society of Ontario in Intellectual Property Law (Patent, Trademark, Copyright). Peter is also a registered Patent Agent and Trademark Agent in Canada and a registered U.S. Patent Agent. For over three decades, Peter has practiced as an advocate in actions involving patents, trademarks, copyright, IP ownership rights, unfair competition, judicial review applications, trade secrets, and related employment and commercial litigation in the Federal Court of Canada and Federal Court of Appeal, as well as in the Ontario Superior Court and Ontario Court of Appeal.

  • LL.B., University of Windsor, 1982
  • B.A.Sc., Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, 1977
 Practice Areas  Called to the Bar
  • Called to the Bar of Ontario, 1984
 Assistant  Experience
  • 597401 Ontario Limited et al v Lloyds Laboratories Inc et al (23 October 2015), Toronto T-1818-15 (FC)
  • Weinmann Limited v CYMI Canada Inc et al (21 April 2015), Toronto T-625-15 (FC)
  • Copper Wire Stripper Ltd v Wire Strip Meister Inc et al (30 September 2014), London 4154/14 (Ont Sup Ct J)
  • The Modern Butler Personal Assistant & Concierge v The Modern Concierge Inc et al (15 July 2014), Toronto T-1597-14 (FC)
  • Diageo Canada Inc v Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc et al (26 March 2014) Toronto T-740-14 (FC)
  • Korhani of Canada Inc v Home Décor Inc (29 April 2013), Toronto T-751-13 (FC)
  • Centrus International Inc v D Tool & Die Inc et al (26 February 2013) Newmarket CV-13-113307-00 (Ont Sup Ct J)
  • Tiles & Stone etc Inc v Impex Granite & Marble Ltd et al (20 September 2012), Toronto T-1747-12 (FC)
  • ICICI Bank Limited et al v 9204 7265 Quebec Inc cob as ICICI (23 January 2012) Toronto T-231-12 (FC)
  • ICICI Bank Limited et al v Jie Zhao cob as ICICI (23 January 2012), Toronto T-228-12 (FC)
  • Manulife v. Travel Healthcare, Federal Court (February 7, 2011), Toronto T-166-11(FC)
  • Trico Freight v. Trico Maritime freight et al. (December 21, 2010), Toronto CV-10-416936 (Ont Sup Ct J)
  • Lumber Liquidators, Inc et al v Canadian Lumber Liquidators et al (6 December 2010), Toronto T-2026-10 (FC)
  • Cobalt Brands LLC v Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP, 2010 FC 260
  • Sentry Equipment Corp v Vanko Analytics Ltd et al (8 September 2009), Toronto T-1498-09 (FC)
  • Soup Nutsy Canada Inc v Pita Nutsy Inc (9 April 2009), Toronto T-568-09 (FC).
  • Barbara Pearn et al v Daniel Finlay (30 May 2008), Toronto T-863-08 (FC)
  • Alwin Manufacturing Company Inc v Global Plastics (21 May 2008), Toronto T 798-08 (FC)
  • Canlyte Inc v Liteline Corporation (30 April 2007), Toronto T-736-07 (FC)
  • Thaler Metal Industries Ltd. v. Ferro Anchors Inc. et al (9 March 2007) Toronto, 07 CV 329234 PD2 (Ontario Superior Court of Justice)
  • Multi Formulations Inc v Performance Research Group Inc (9 January 2007), Toronto T-55-07(FC)
  • Crunch Recording Group Inc. v. Christopher Gauthier, SOCAN (6 October 2006) Toronto 06-CV-319902PD1 (Ontario Superior Court of Justice)
  • Edward T. Scully v. Kathy Lear (22 December 2005), Ottawa T-2265-05 (FC)
  • Novogen Research Pty Ltd et al v WN Pharmaceuticals Ltd et al (13 July 2005), Toronto T-1198-05 (FC)
  • Omniglass Ltd. v. J, Wojcik Mechanical Inc., Jan Wojcik (18 February 2005) Toronto 05-CV-284431 PD3 (Ontario Superior Court)
  • Novogen Research Pty Ltd et al v Jamieson Laboratories Ltd (15 September 2004), Toronto T-1671-04 (FC)
  • The Royal Canadian Golf Association v Travel Golf Media, Inc (25 June 2004) Toronto T-418-04 (FC)., The Royal Canadian Golf Association v Travel Golf Media, Inc (25 June 2004) Toronto T-418-04 (FC).
  • Wi-Lan Inc v Cisco Systems Inc et al (23 June 2004), Toronto T-1201-04 (FC)
  • Belarus Tractor of Canada v Advantage Trade Group Inc et al (11 March 2004), Toronto T-519-04 (FC).
  • Faurecia Automotive Seating Canada Ltd v Lear Corporation Canada Ltd, 2004 FC 421
  • Maguire Super-Shield Ltd v Can American Stone Spreader Sales Limited (6 March 2003), T-377-03 (FC)
  • M.T. Beauty Co. Ltd. et al. v. Classic Furs Co. Ltd., 2002 FCT 276
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  • Mister Coffee & Services Inc v Mr Coffee Inc, 2001 FCT 1217 and 2001 FCT 1218
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  • Cat Productions Ltd v Macedo and Morell (sometimes trading as ZZ Tops) et al (1984), 1 CPR (3d) 517 (FCTD)


  • Certified by the Law Society of Ontario as a Specialist in Intellectual Property Law (Patent, Trade-Mark & Copyright)
  • Registered Canadian and United States Patent Agent
  • Registered Canadian Trademark Agent
  • Registered Professional Engineer (P.Eng) in the Province of Ontario
  • Recognized by Best Lawyers® in Canada 2021 for Intellectual Property Law


  • Law Society of Ontario
  • The Advocates' Society
  • Ontario Bar Association
  • Intellectual Property Institute of Canada ("IPIC")
  • Associate Member, American Bar Association - Intellectual Property Law Section


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