443 Items
4.19.17 Update on Express Entry
4.12.17 The Federal Budget - Some Bad Omens
4.11.17 All of a Sudden, it was not Excluded: a Recent Ruling on the Qualified Pollution Exclusion
4.11.17 ‘DIY': Experts Must Write Their Own Reports
4.6.17 Businesses may be helped by Law Society rule change
3.8.17 What You Need to Know About President Trump's New Travel Ban
3.1.17 Failure to Keep Accurate, Up-To-Date Corporate Records Can Produce Major Aggravation for Owners, Managers
3.1.17 Secured Real Estate Financing: Inter-Creditor Agreements - A Standstill With A Time Limit Is Not A True Standstill
2.23.17 New OHRC Policy: Accommodation and Medical Documentation
2.22.17 Rent Abatement in Commercial Leases
2.21.17 Preclearance Bill Raises Concerns over Canadian Sovereignty
2.16.17 No More Mining - Reflections from Pacific Rim Cayman v El Salvador (ICSID)
2.15.17 Update on Express Entry
1.31.17 RBC v. Trang: When is "highly sensitive" financial information not that sensitive?
1.30.17 President Trump's Executive Order and Its Application to Canadian Dual-Citizens
1.16.17 Coverage for Social Engineering Fraud Takes its Place Among the Required Coverage for Canadian Business
12.21.16 Expert Witness Immunity: No, You Cannot Sue Your Own Expert For Negligence!
12.19.16 Employment Contracts: Good Idea? Bad Idea?
12.19.16 It's Privileged: Should Litigation Privilege attach to pre-litigation Adjusters' Files?
12.19.16 Why the Private Right of Action afforded by Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation should concern Insurers who underwrite Risks in Canada
12.14.16 Canada Lifts Temporary Resident Visa Requirements for Citizens of Mexico
12.7.16 Corporate Property Interests: New Ontario Record-Keeping Requirements Scheduled To Take Effect Imminently
12.7.16 Secured Real Estate Financing: Just Because You Are Cross-Defaulted, Does Not Mean You Are Cross-Collateralized
12.6.16 Fletcher v. Doig: An Unlikely Case of Coincidence, Correlation, or Consent
11.22.16 New Express Entry Rules in Effect as of November 19, 2016
11.21.16 Served a Demand Letter by the Bank? Five Things to Know
11.21.16 Who Owns the Customer Relationship?
11.17.16 How to Wait Out Donald Trump's Presidential Term in Canada
11.15.16 What Dual Citizens Should Know Before Renouncing Their United States Citizenship
11.14.16 Rethinking Arbitration Clauses – Are They More of a Headache Than They Are Worth? – A Case Comment on Novatrax International Inc. v. Hägele Landtechnik GmbH
11.2.16 The Correct Approach to the Interpretation of Boilerplate Policy Wording in Canada
10.28.16 Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act ("AODA") Compliance for Small Organizations
10.24.16 It Says what it Says: Pre-Tender Defence Costs should not be Covered under the Policy
10.17.16 Update on Express Entry
10.13.16 Context Relevant to Risk of Harm Analysis under FIPPA, says Divisional Court
10.3.16 Quid Pro Quo: Barring U.S. Citizens from Canada for DUI Offenses
9.29.16 Asserting Cause: What Not To Do
9.26.16 Supreme Court Re-Opens the Door to Appeals on Questions of Contractual Interpretation: Ledcor, Sattva and the Interpretation of Standard Form Contracts
9.23.16 Dual Citizens Require Canadian Passports as of November 10, 2016
9.19.16 Defence Medical Expert Bias
9.15.16 The Importance of Discipline In Branding: An Interesting, Unlikely Case Study Courtesy of Fletcher V. Doig
9.15.16 Ledcor Construction Ltd. v. Northbridge Indemnity Insurance Co., 2016 SCC 37
9.7.16 Strong Branding Can Help Generate Profits: Caution Needed In Name, Trademark Choices
9.7.16 Disclaimers May Be Drag on Branding But Are Musts for Customers, Businesses
9.6.16 Government of Canada Announces Termination of the eTA Leniency Period
8.30.16 An Update on the Changing Workplaces Review
8.25.16 Canadian Appellate Court Holds That Reinsureds Must Establish Legal Liability in the Absence of a Follow Settlements Cause
8.15.16 CBSA Proposes Amendments to NEXUS and Other Trusted Traveler Programs
8.9.16 Insurance Implications of Natural Disasters: An Overview of the Fort McMurray Wildfires
7.27.16 Wilson v. AECL: At the Supreme Court of Canada, What was Old is New Again
7.21.16 Canada to Lift Visa Requirements for Mexican Citizens
6.13.16 Update on Express Entry
6.1.16 Small Business Deduction Survives Budget: Ottawa Proposes Major New Limitations
6.1.16 Variety of Protections Open To Businesses Exposed To "Panama Papers" –Type Data Breaches
6.1.16 Ottawa Acknowledges Unintended Threat: Rescinds New Tax Rule on Spousal Trusts
5.30.16 An Employee's Last-Minute Childcare Obligations May Trigger the Duty to Accommodate
5.24.16 New Liability Trends, Potential New Risk for Sports Associations
5.18.16 Worried about a Sears Insolvency? Here are 5 Lessons from the Target Canada Insolvency for Landlords to Remember
4.26.16 A New Direction for the Enforceability of Termination Clauses?
4.20.16 CIC Establishes LMIA Exemptions for Television and Film Production Workers and Performing Artists
4.19.16 The Standard Non-Owned Automobile Policy - SPF 6
4.7.16 Blaneys Fidelity Year in Review 2015
3.30.16 Temporary Lay-Offs – What are the risks?
3.30.16 Bill 132 and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
3.29.16 Ontario Paves Road to Improved Judgment-Creditor Recovery - New Developments Could Expedite Enforcement
3.22.16 Invasion of Privacy Claims Expanding -- Business Should Take Note
3.14.16 Continuing Developments in Tax Law
3.14.16 Canada Implements Leniency Period for Electronic Travel Authorization until Fall 2016 Publications
3.2.16 Background Checks on Prospective Employees Limited by New Law to take Effect Later this Year
3.2.16 Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives Becoming Common for Profit-Seeking Businesses
3.2.16 Supreme Court Issues Decision that has Implications for Canadian Subsidiaries, Foreign-Owned Parents
2.29.16 Preventing Violence and Harassment at Work – Workers' Compensation Enters the Equation
2.24.16 LTD Claims from Depression: What You Need to Know
2.22.16 Insuring Against a Technological Unknown: Assessing Copyright Infringement and Technological Neutrality
2.22.16 Public Disclosure of Private Facts: Recent Privacy Law Decisions
2.16.16 Update on Express Entry
2.8.16 Court of Appeal Provides a Further Look at the Additional Insured
1.25.16 Paris and San Bernadino Attacks Prompt Revisions to the U.S. Visa Waiver Program
1.25.16 Bill 113 Passed: Implications of New Police Record Check Requirements in Employment
1.13.16 Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Announces Details of its Entrepreneur and Corporate Streams
1.12.16 Termination of Agreement under section 112 of the Condominium Act, 1998 - Not So Fast
12.18.15 Overview of Ontario's Most Recent Addition to Environmental Legislation: The Great Lakes Protection Act, 2015
12.14.15 Ontario Court of Appeal confirms that a multiplicity of lawsuits arising out of same automobile accident is sometimes necessary
12.7.15 Update on Express Entry
12.1.15 "Psychometric" Tests can Help in Hiring, Managing Staff but Employers Must Note Potential Practical and Legal Issues
12.1.15 Greater Clarity for Secured Lenders: New Rules taking effect December 31
12.1.15 Start-Ups, Smaller Businesses in Ontario, other Provinces to Benefit from New Crowdfunding Rules for Raising Capital
12.1.15 Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Announces Temporary pause on OINP "Base" Stream Applications
12.1.15 Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Announces Closure of its Investor Stream
11.25.15 Court Rules that the Increase in Deductibles is not Retrospective
11.17.15 Cash or Credit? – Posting Security for Liens post-Stuart Olson
11.17.15 Chevron Corp. v. Yaiguaje, 2015 SCC 42 - Supreme Court of Canada Weighs in
11.16.15 Who Owns Your Face?: Privacy implications of facial recognition data
11.5.15 UBER: and the New ‘Gig' Economy: What are the Implications for the Future?
11.3.15 The Point of No Return: Terminating Employees for Dishonesty and Litigating Employee Fraud Claims
11.3.15 Administrative Monetary Penalties for Employer Non-Compliance Effective as of December 1, 2015
10.26.15 Court of Appeal for Ontario sets aside Administrative Dismissal and Restores Action to Trial List notwithstanding Five-Year Delay
10.5.15 Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program Establishes Two Express Entry Streams
9.30.15 Duty to Defend Litigation
9.18.15 Gotcha: Traps for the Unwary Presented by New and Emerging Legal Issues
9.9.15 New Spousal-Trust Tax Rule: Ottawa Acknowledges Issues
9.9.15 I Have Been Named an Estate Trustee…Now What?
9.9.15 Wills Must Be Planned and Managed Carefully for Full Tax Benefit of New Charitable Gift Rules
9.9.15 New Estate Rules Start Jan. 1: Large Implications for Taxes on Trusts, Contents of Secondary Wills
9.1.15 Protection of Individuals' Personality Rights and the Media
9.1.15 Canadian Chapter of Insurance Bad Faith: A Compendium of State Law
8.1.15 The High Threshold for Environmental Damage in Armed Conflict
7.23.15 What are an Employer's Obligations to a Terminally Ill Employee?
7.14.15 How Foreign Franchisors Can Expand into the United States Using Foreign Franchisees
6.30.15 Have You Looked at Your Will Lately?
6.30.15 I Have Been Named an Estate Trustee... Now What?
6.26.15 Summer Fun, Fall Lawsuit
6.22.15 Final Canadian Citizenship Act Reforms Effective as of June 11, 2015
6.22.15 Technical Issues Prompt Suspension of Overseas U.S. Visa Processing
6.9.15 Ontario Court of Appeal Interest Act Decision Has Lessons for Both Lenders and Borrowers
6.9.15 At Day's End, Nortel Bankruptcy Judges Land on What is Fair and Reasonable
6.9.15 New Tax Rules for Spousal Trusts Could Have Severe Consequences: Reviews of Wills Strongly Advised
6.1.15 E-1 and E-2 Nonimmigrants
6.1.15 Supreme Court Turns Down Leave to Appeal Case Important to Loan Co-Guarantors
6.1.15 Ontario Considering Advice on "Dual-Purpose" Corporations
6.1.15 A Million Reasons to Comply -- CRTC Issues $1.1 Million Penalty Against Training Firm For Anti-Spam Law Violations
6.1.15 Target Stores Insolvency Biggest in Canadian Retail History: Creditors Working Together to Win Equitable Settlement
5.29.15 The Rise of the For-Profit, Socially-Responsible Corporation in Canada
5.27.15 Ontario Introduces New Condo Legislation Today!
5.21.15 New Employment Standards Poster Released
5.21.15 What's an Employer to Do? When is Discipline an Appropriate Response to a False Human Rights Complaint?
5.19.15 Employee Snooping: Proactive vs. Reactive Measures
5.14.15 Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Regulations Effective as of August 1, 2015
5.5.15 Employer Liability in the Administration of Benefit Plans
5.4.15 Administrative Dismissals: A Decidedly Defence Perspective
5.1.15 Potential Effects of Climate Change on Liability Insurance
4.29.15 Canadian Renminbi Trading Hub Among Latest Moves to Boost Access to China
4.29.15 New 10-Year Chinese Visas Reflect Expanding Opportunities for Canada
4.21.15 Proposed Amendment to Third Party Demand Provision of the ESA, 2000
4.21.15 New Mandatory Working at Heights Training
4.21.15 Blurred Lines: Mobile Devices in the Workplace
4.14.15 Drafting and Negotiating Tenant Allowances and Inducements
4.13.15 Update on Express Entry
4.7.15 Litigation in the Digital Age: New Rules on the Service of Court Documents in Ontario
4.7.15 Much Ado About Not Much: The Ontario Court of Appeal Sets the Record Straight on Expert Evidence in Ontario
4.7.15 Supreme Court Establishes General Duty of Good Faith in Contracts
4.7.15 Not All Experts Are Treated Like Experts: The Court of Appeal Provides Much Needed Clarity
4.1.15 Who is an Expert For the Purposes of Rule 53.03: The Court of Appeal's Decision in Westerhof v Gee Estate
4.1.15 Utmost Good Faith and Fair Dealing (DRI)
3.17.15 Ontario's Action Plan to Stop Sexual Violence and Harassment
3.17.15 Tell Tale Signs: The Red Flags of Employee Fraud
3.17.15 Supreme Court Clarifies Constructive Dismissal Rules
3.11.15 Update on Express Entry
3.11.15 CIC Begins Issuing Work Permits to Applicants Under the Spouse or Common-Law Partner Class
3.4.15 Recent Development in Canadian Privacy Law and CGL Coverage
3.2.15 Are You About to Dismiss an Employee? Here is a Checklist to Review First
3.2.15 Good Faith: Two Court Decisions Bring Greater Certainty, Coherence to Law Governing Contract Negotiations, Performance
2.20.15 Particulars of Post-Discovery Surveillance Must be Disclosed
2.17.15 Right to Strike Upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada
2.17.15 The Four Top Ways for Employers to Avoid Liability to Employees for Disability Benefits
2.17.15 RCMP Employees Now Have Right to Organize
2.9.15 CIC Begins Sending Invitations to Apply Under Express Entry
2.3.15 Tricks of the Trade Conference: Tort Update 2015
2.1.15 Tenant Termination Rights
1.30.15 Court of Appeal Clarifies Rules Regarding Contact with Experts
1.28.15 Canadian Internet Users to Begin Receiving Notices of Claimed Infringement from their ISPs
1.22.15 Good Faith Obligations of Employers
1.14.15 Government of Canada Announces Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program
1.5.15 Québec Court of Appeal Imposes on Banks Duty to Third Parties When Banks Aware of Fraud
12.18.14 Broader Public Sector Accountability Bill Receives Royal Assent
12.18.14 Bill 18 Receives Royal Assent
12.18.14 OHRC Issues Statement on Sexual Harassment
12.18.14 AODA Compliance Reminder
12.18.14 CIC Issues Ministerial Instructions Relating to Express Entry
12.15.14 Donald Sterling and Our Expectation of Privacy
12.12.14 CIC Issues Ministerial Instructions Relating to Express Entry
12.3.14 New Rules for Resources Sector Financial Reporting Aim to Help Reduce Corruption
12.3.14 Law of Guaranty: Can-Win Leasing, Contribution and the Rights Between Co-Sureties
12.3.14 She Has Blonde Hair and a Beauty Mark, But is it Really Marilyn? All Trademark Licenses are Not Franchises
11.25.14 Canada Introduces Legislation to Impose Payment Disclosure Obligations on Extractive Companies
11.21.14 Priority Dispute: Third Party Vehicle Renter vs. the Defendant Vehicle Owner
11.21.14 Court of Appeal Affirms the Crown's 10 Day Notice Provision
11.21.14 The Use of Social Media in Bodily Injury Claims
11.21.14 Costs Consequences: The Case of Hoang v. Vicentini
11.19.14 Three Employment Law Lessons to be Drawn from the Jian Ghomeshi Affair
11.14.14 New Development in Contract Law: Supreme Court of Canada Imposes Duty to Perform Contractual Obligations Honestly
11.13.14 An Introduction to Handling MVA Claims in Ontario
11.11.14 ESDC Considers Administrative Monetary Penalties and Longer Bans on Employers Who Violate the TFWP
11.11.14 The Government of Canada Introduces Legislation to Prevent Barbaric Cultural Practices in Canada
11.1.14 Underlying acts important on aggregation question
10.31.14 Doing Business 2015 – Going Beyond Efficiency
10.28.14 New Family-Related Leaves of Absence Under the ESA
10.28.14 Termination Issues Checklist
10.24.14 Canada and European Union Release Text of Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
10.15.14 Bargaining in the Healthcare Sector: Towards a New Model
10.14.14 Interest Based Bargaining
10.13.14 Negotiating Pensions and Benefits: Avoiding the Pitfalls
10.8.14 United States Customs and Border Protection Designates Ports of Entry for Optimized Processing of TN and L-1 Status
10.6.14 Hot Tubbing Experts
9.30.14 Joint Debts, Joint Tenants - Insolvency Law Meets Real Property Law
9.30.14 Lower Cost Awards in Class Actions: What Does it Mean for Access to Justice?
9.30.14 Written in Stone? The Supreme Court of Canada Solidifies the Use of the Factual Matrix in Contract Interpretation Cases
9.30.14 A Trademark is a Trademark is a Trademark - or Is It? Recent Developments With Respect to Quebec's Language Laws
9.25.14 Canada and China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement in Force October 1, 2014
9.25.14 Canada and South Korea Sign Free Trade Agreement
9.17.14 Term Definite Contracts: Avoiding the Pitfalls
9.10.14 Fee for Renouncing United States Citizenship Increases Significantly
9.10.14 A Review of NEXUS Program Eligibility
9.10.14 Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: 2014 Update
8.28.14 Taxpayers Have Timing Obligations to the CRA But, Courts Point Out, CRA Has Obligations, Too
8.28.14 Nurse's Compensation Claim for Stress Upheld by Tribunal: Appeal Expected
8.28.14 Piercing the Corporate Veil: When Directors, Officers and Shareholders of a Corporation will be Personally Liable
8.28.14 Canadian Bar Association Urges Parliament to Change the Law to Encourage the Creation of Benefit Corporations (B-Corps)
8.26.14 Overview of the United Kingdom Bribery Act
8.26.14 Anti-Corruption Compliance Stalls, Despite Aggressive Enforcement
8.26.14 Canada and European Union Agree to Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement
8.26.14 Copyright Protection of Monkey Selfies and Other Non-Human Works
8.19.14 Non-Competition Clause May Increase Reasonable Notice Period
8.11.14 Citizenship and Immigration Canada Announces Change to Definition of Dependent Children
8.11.14 Canadian Citizenship Amendments Receive Royal Assent
7.17.14 A Higher Price Tag on Privacy? An Ontario Court Certifies a Class Action for Breach of Privacy
7.10.14 Canadian Government Announces Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program
7.7.14 CRTC Issues Updated Guidance on Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation
6.24.14 Agreements of Purchase and Sale and Leases: The Statute of Frauds and Part Performance
6.24.14 Update on Condominium Act, 1998 Review
6.24.14 What's New in Planning: Changes to the Provincial and the Local Standards
6.24.14 Beware of UXO - They're Out There!
6.16.14 Legislative Update
6.16.14 Mental Stress Claim Upheld by Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal
6.11.14 CIC Issues Expanded Guidance on C12 Specialized Knowledge Intra-Company Transferees
6.4.14 Sifting the security implications of NSA control of cross-border data services
6.3.14 Your Widget is Better Than the Other Guy's? Prove It. Before You Say So in an Ad. Or Else...
6.3.14 Canada's Anti-Spam Law and Social Media: Marketers Advised to Proceed with Caution
6.3.14 Courts Clarify Important Limitations on Canadian Corporations' Capacity to Protect Directors Who Are Sued
5.20.14 Family Status Discrimination: Test Clarified By Federal Court of Appeal
5.14.14 CAN+ Program to Facilitate Trade and Travel with Mexico
5.14.14 Caps Announced for Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades and Canadian Experience Classes
5.14.14 ESDC Announces Moratorium on LMO Applications Related to the Food Services Sector
4.24.14 Independent Contractor Status: A Different Perspective
4.8.14 Use of Kijiji in Jobs Report Highlights its Unreliability as a Recruitment Source
4.8.14 Citizenship and Immigration Canada Warns Stakeholders Not to Give Immigration Advice
3.31.14 Claims Against Competitors for Business Interference Must Meet Strict New Supreme Court Test to Succeed
3.31.14 Ontario Superior Court Tightens Rules: 'Your' Expert Witness May Now Be Anything But
3.31.14 Supreme Court Refines Ontario Litigation Rules: Aims for Lower Costs, More Accessible Civil Justice
3.26.14 Canada Announces Free Trade Agreement with the Republic of Korea
3.20.14 OHSA Prosecutions: The Court and New Regulations Up the Ante
3.10.14 Calculating Damages in Motor Vehicle Collision Claims in Ontario
3.7.14 Recent Appeal Decisions Impacting on Police Liability
3.5.14 Government of Canada to Eliminate Immigrant Investor and Entrepreneur Programs
3.5.14 Reality TV Publicity For Your Business Venture? Beware the Release You Are Required to Sign
3.5.14 Contamination is Risky Business For Restructuring Companies and their Directors and Officers
3.5.14 Businesses Advised to Act Now to Ease Compliance with New Controls on Commercial Electronic Messages
3.3.14 Kozel v The Personal Insurance Co.: The Latest Word on Relief From Forfeiture
3.1.14 Counsel can still review draft expert reports despite Getahun
2.27.14 The Regulation of Dental Assistants Under the RHPA
2.26.14 Two Worlds Collide: When the Construction Lien Act Meets the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act [Powerpoint Presentation]
2.26.14 Latest Word on Bill 69, Prompt Payment Act, 2013 [Powerpoint Presentation]
2.26.14 Environmental Hot Topics: Excess Soil Management and Liability Issues [Powerpoint Presentation]
2.26.14 What's New in Health and Safety? [Powerpoint Presentation]
2.26.14 Data Risk, Privacy Breach and Insurance Coverage in Canada
2.26.14 Planning and Development Policy Changes: Panacea or Pothole? [Powerpoint Presentation]
2.25.14 Federal Court of Canada Orders Internet Service Provider to Identify Alleged Copyright Violators, Subject to Conditions
2.24.14 A better response to Mexico's new mining taxes
2.20.14 My Accountant Says I Should Have Registered With WSIB TEN Years Ago! Now What Do I Do?
2.14.14 Blaneys Hosts Ontario Environment Commissioner for Annual Address
2.12.14 Canadian Visitors to be Automatically Considered for Multiple Entry Visas
2.12.14 Government of Canada Proposes Significant Amendments to the Citizenship Act
2.4.14 Criminal Charges in the Elliot Lake Mall Collapse
2.4.14 Further Update on Condominium Act Review
2.4.14 Consulting on Change: Provincial Review of the Land Use Planning System
2.4.14 Ontario Government Responds to Construction Industry Concerns
1.30.14 Canada's Anti-Spam Law Comes into Force on July 1, 2014
1.21.14 The Times They Are A-Changin': Update on Proposed Labour and Employment Law Amendments
1.14.14 Canada to Implement Electronic Travel Authorization Program
1.13.14 What Lies Beneath: The Impact of Criminal Resolutions on Civil Proceedings Against Police
12.17.13 Collecting and Disclosing Personal Information - Are You at Risk?
12.10.13 Canada Lifts Visa Requirements for the Czech Republic
12.10.13 CIC Announces Changes to the Canadian Experience Class
12.5.13 Critical Issues in the Hiring Process: The Do's and Don'ts of Hiring
11.26.13 Trademarks: Why You Should Register Your Brands
11.26.13 Multiple Wills Might Be an Idea For You But One Advantage is to Disappear in 2016
11.26.13 Agreements to Agree: Do They Bind You or Not? Court Decisions Resting on Specific Provisions
11.26.13 Competition Act Rules on Comparative Advertising Clarified by Recent Court Decision
11.21.13 New Class Actions for Price Fixing
11.13.13 Start-Up Visa Program to Include Business Incubator Stream
11.7.13 Recent Developments with (Extra) Development Charges
11.7.13 New CCDC Design-Build Contracts
11.7.13 Further Update on Condominium Act Review
11.7.13 Contamination is Risky Business for Restructuring Companies and their Directors and Officers
11.1.13 When Does an Employee on Disability Cease to be an Employee? [Powerpoint Presentation]
11.1.13 Can an Employer Sue an Employee for Professional Errors or Omissions Which Result in Loss to the Employer? [Powerpoint Presentation]
11.1.13 What's New In: Privacy Law and Employment Standards [Powerpoint Presentation]
11.1.13 ...And the Kitchen Sink Too - Employment Agreements: Why Have Them? [Powerpoint Presentation]
11.1.13 Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Compliance in 2014 and Beyond [Powerpoint Presentation]
11.1.13 Update on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program [Powerpoint Presentation]
11.1.13 Discipline & Termination [Powerpoint Presentation]
11.1.13 Benefit Issues: The Latest Word [Powerpoint Presentation]
10.31.13 Doing Business 2014 – Understanding Regulations for Small and Medium Size Enterprises
10.31.13 Crowdsourcing and Intellectual Property - Complexity Compounded
10.22.13 Canada Blocks Proposed Acquisition of Allstream on National Security Grounds
10.22.13 Canada and the European Union Conclude Negotiations on Trade Deal
10.11.13 Confidentiality: It Does Mean Something After All!
10.1.13 Agreements to Agree: Do They Bind You Or Not? Court Decisions Resting on Specific Provisions
10.1.13 Law Enacted to Protect Youth From Cyber-Bullying Gives Businesses a Weapon to Battle Online Harassment
10.1.13 Third-Party Funding of Commercial Litigation is Becoming Increasingly Common in Ontario
9.25.13 Mitigation in Personal Injury Cases
9.24.13 Blackberry Expected to Lobby the Canadian Government for Changes to the Investment Canada Act
9.16.13 When Free Labour Becomes Very Expensive: Not Every Intern is an Unpaid Intern
9.11.13 Admissions May Result in Inadmissibility to the United States
8.30.13 Anti-Corruption Laws Clarified, Strengthened; Amendments Represent Significant Improvement
8.30.13 Public Benefit Corporations Gaining Traction in U.S., Canada
8.30.13 Business Must Prepare Now For New Rules Governing Communications with Customers
8.30.13 New Anti-Money Laundering Rules Come Into Effect January 31: May Increase Compliance Costs
8.28.13 The Evolution of the Corporation: The Public Benefit Corporation
8.27.13 Ontario Court Concludes That Conspiracy to Bribe Violates the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act
8.21.13 Court of Appeal Confirms Legal Tests in Two Racial Discrimination Cases
8.13.13 Employment and Social Development Canada Announces Further Changes to the LMO Process
7.30.13 Government of Canada Announces 10-Year Biometric Passports for Canadians
7.30.13 United States Customs and Border Protection Rolls Out Electronic Form I-94 Departure Record at Airports and Seaports
7.18.13 Gender Identity and Gender Expression Under the Human Rights Code: One Year Later
7.8.13 Canada Enacts Amendments to the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act
6.30.13 Data Risk, Privacy Breach and Insurance Coverage in Canada
6.25.13 Citizenship and Immigration Canada Proposes Regulatory Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program
6.18.13 Supreme Court Rules on Random Alcohol Testing
6.3.13 Getting Full Value For Your Business: Make Sure Your Lease Can't Get in the Way
6.3.13 Subsequent Mortgagee's Rights: Curing a Default and the Importance of Breached Covenants
6.3.13 Important Advice to Lenders: Beware of the Wording In Your Guarantee
6.3.13 Supreme Court Offers Some Financiers Protection, Creates New Risks For Others, In Its Decision On Sun Indalex, LLC v. United Steelworkers
6.1.13 Strategies for Protection of Healthcare Innovation
5.29.13 Canada Begins Accepting Applications Under the New Federal Skilled Worker Program
5.29.13 CIC Announces Parent and Grandparent Program to Re-Open in 2014 with a Host of Changes
5.29.13 CIC Announces Proposed Changes to the Definition of "Dependent Children"
5.22.13 Data Breach: Covered or Not?
5.22.13 The Challenges of Dealing with Self-Represented Litigants
5.22.13 Sports Injury Claims: Liability, Risk and Waivers
5.21.13 New Cases Change the Rules for Damages in Wrongful Dismissal Cases
5.16.13 The Government of Canada Proposes Amendments to the Investment Canada Act Relating to State-Owned Enterprises
4.22.13 Citizenship and Immigration Canada Publishes Ministerial Instructions Establishing the Start-Up Business Class
4.15.13 Can Employers Be Sued for Inflicting Mental Distress?
4.5.13 Tips for Service Providers: Your Standard Form Contract Should be More Than an Afterthought
4.4.13 The Case of the Vanishing Tenant
4.4.13 Blaneys Partners Represent Intervener in Case Before SCC
3.30.13 Privacy Protection and Insurance Coverage in Canada in the Electronic Age
3.27.13 Ontario Considers New Family-Related Leaves of Absence Under the ESA
3.27.13 “Drawing the Circle” Around ESA Termination Clauses
3.26.13 Recent Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Case Sends Mixed Messages to Canadian Companies
3.12.13 Breach of the Notice Condition and Relief from Foreiture: A Canadian Roadmap
2.26.13 Emerging Markets Issuers May Face New Listing Requirements
2.26.13 Corporate Social Responsibility, Resulting 'Social Licence' Now a Must For Mining Companies and Other Resource Firms
2.26.13 Anti-Corruption Compliance Programs Essential For Canadian Corporations Operating Globally
2.26.13 Ontario Mining Act Amendments Take Full Effect April 1, 2013
2.19.13 Citizenship and Immigration Canada Announces Start-Up Visa Program
2.11.13 Canada Introduces Amendments to the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act
2.8.13 “Sometimes a Swimming Pool is Just a Swimming Pool”: Court of Appeal for Ontario Releases Much Anticipated Blue Mountain Decision
2.6.13 Update on Canada Post Fees for CMB Installation
2.6.13 The Construction Raid Season is Upon Us!
2.6.13 City of Toronto Employment Lands Review: To Convert or Not to Convert
2.6.13 Location, Location, Location - Or Not
1.23.13 Blaney McMurtry Wins Dismissal of $150,000,000 Action
1.22.13 New Federal Skilled Worker Program to Begin Accepting Applications as of May 4, 2013
1.21.13 Federal Skilled Trades Program Begins Accepting Applications
1.16.13 When Can an Employer Sue an Employee for Damages?
1.8.13 Canada Approves Proposed Oil and Gas Acquisitions Under the Investment Canada Act and Issues Revised Guidelines for State-Owned Enterprises
12.18.12 Canada and the United States Sign Visa and Immigration Information-Sharing Agreement
12.18.12 Canada to Begin Collecting Biometric Data From Certain Foreign Nationals
12.17.12 Getting Your Employment Contracts and Policies Ready for 2013
12.10.12 DOJ and SEC Jointly Release Their Resource Guide to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
12.6.12 25 Days Left to Comply with Accessibility Requirements
12.3.12 Canada and China Sign Major Agreement to Stimulate Direct Foreign Investment
12.3.12 That's What It Says... But It's Not What We Meant: Rectifying a Contract
12.3.12 Planning for the Small Business Deduction May Lead to Traps Along the Way
11.28.12 Recent Developments in Canadian Insurance Coverage Litigation: Consideration of Selected Issues
11.27.12 Open Work Permits Will Be Issued to Provincial Nominees Under the Federal Skilled Worker Backlog Reduction Pilot
11.27.12 Citizenship and Immigration Canada to Refund Fees for Canceled Federal Skilled Worker Applications
11.19.12 An Update on Age Discrimination
11.12.12 The Application of United States Anti-Corruption Laws to Canadian Companies
11.12.12 Canada and China Sign Major Investment Agreement
11.2.12 Cross-Border Influence in Coverage Litigation – Allocation In Canada
11.1.12 Why Court is Still an Option and the Importance of Experts [Powerpoint presentation]
11.1.12 Foregoing the Standard Contractual Dispute Resolution Process for an Alternative [Powerpoint presentation]
11.1.12 Health and Safety: Cranes and Construction [Powerpoint presentation]
10.31.12 Patents, Panacea and Poison for Patients, Physicians and Healthcare
10.30.12 Will Developers Be Required to Subsidize Canada Post’s Financial Losses?
10.29.12 Interesting BC Condominium Case Law: Mazarei v. Icon Omega Developments Ltd., 2012 BCSC 673
10.29.12 Update on the Condominium Act Review
10.29.12 The New Provincial Policy Statement in Draft
10.29.12 Construction Labour Update: Open Season Coming Soon
10.29.12 City of Toronto Proposed Changes to Securing Affordable Housing Through Section 37 Benefits: Does Affordable Housing For Some Make Housing More Expensive For Others?
10.25.12 Effectively Adjusting CAT Claims: Contingent Business Interruption Insurance [Powerpoint Presentation]
10.23.12 Taiwanese Citizens Now Eligible Under the U.S. Visa Waiver Program
10.23.12 United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Announces New Filing Option for Canadian TN Applicants
10.23.12 New Language Rules for Canadian Citizenship Applicants Announced
10.15.12 HRTO Enforces One Year Timeline to Bring Application: Is This Good News for Employers?
10.11.12 Are You Being Accommodating? Navigating the Workplace Accommodation Quagmire [Powerpoint Presentation]
10.11.12 The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act: Reporting Requirements for 2012 and What's Coming Next [Powerpoint Presentation]
10.11.12 Posters to Payroll Reports - Keeping Up with the WSIB [Powerpoint Presentation]
10.11.12 Are You OHSA Compliant? Could You Mount a Successful Due Diligence Defence? [Powerpoint Presentation]
10.10.12 "That's What It Says, But It's Not What We Meant" - Rectifying a Contract
10.10.12 Owners and Developers Beware: Unanticipated Liability for Breach of Contract Highlighted in the Landmark II Decision
9.28.12 Ontario Proposes More Compensation Restraint
9.28.12 The Last Word on the Law of Causation from the Supreme Court of Canada (Maybe?)
9.25.12 Citizenship and Immigration Canada Proposes Significant Amendments to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations
9.17.12 New Posting Requirements for the Workplace in Effect as of October 1, 2012
9.17.12 The Jobs, Growth and Long-Term Prosperity Act Receives Royal Assent
9.17.12 An Update on the Overtime Class Action Cases
9.17.12 An Update on the Duty to Accommodate
9.17.12 Latest Word on Two-Tiered Union Initiation Fees
9.17.12 The Continuing Saga of Metron Construction
9.11.12 An Overview of the Canada Border Services Agency's Administrative Monetary Penalty System
8.29.12 Looking For a Growth Or Exit Strategy? Be Alert to Changing Winds In Private Equity
8.29.12 Mistaken Belief About Overtime Pay Could Be Expensive For Ontario Employers
8.28.12 Employment Termination and Maintenance of Lawful Status in Canada
8.21.12 Reasonable Notice Period: 24 Months; Damages: $0?
8.14.12 Establishing an Anti-Corruption Compliance Program in Canada
7.31.12 Ruling Assesses Liability Against Completely Blameless Parties
7.24.12 CIC Announces Temporary Pause on Most Federal Skilled Worker Applications and All Federal Immigrant Investor Applications
7.24.12 CIC Updates Foreign Worker Manual Provisions Relating to Intracompany Transferees
7.11.12 Amendments to Human Rights Code
7.11.12 Thinking of Hiring a Live-In Nanny? Here’s What You Need to Know
7.11.12 Bill 55 Receives Royal Assent
7.9.12 Budget Increases Taxes on Income Earned Here By Non-Residents; Raises Questions About Possible Impacts on Foreign Investment
7.5.12 Blaneys Working For You
7.5.12 Heads Up - Ministry of Labour Summer Jobsite Safety Inspections Underway
7.5.12 Reviewing What's New at the Province
7.5.12 A New and Improved City of Toronto Comprehensive By-Law?
7.5.12 Update on Glass Balcony Guards: New Requirements Under the Ontario Building Code
7.5.12 Tarion Revised Builder Bulletins 24 and 27: Good and Bad News for Developers
7.5.12 Is Your Notice to Purchaser Sufficient to Avoid Delayed Closing Compensation Under Tarion?
7.5.12 Alert: Tarion Revised Addendum Forms for Freehold and Condominium
6.28.12 Visa Spotlight: U.S. Treaty Investor Visas for Entrepreneurs
6.19.12 Amendments to Pension Benefits Act in Effect on July 1, 2012
6.19.12 Occupational Health and Safety Update: Summer Safety Blitzes, New Mandatory Training for Supervisors, New Poster Requirements Coming
6.18.12 Completely Innocent Parties Can Be Ordered to Clean-Up Contamination, Says Recent Ontario Court Decision
6.11.12 Canada's Minister of Industry Announces Improvements to the Foreign Investment Review Process
6.4.12 Budget Increases Taxes on Income Earned Here By Non-Residents; Raises Questions About Possible Impacts on Foreign Investment
6.4.12 The Franchisees Tried to Roll Up the Rim and Tim Horton’s Won
6.4.12 Competition Law Now Gives Manufacturers, Distributors Latitude When It Comes to Setting Prices
6.1.12 Veiled Prejudice - Caught in the Cross-Examination: The Niqab and Witness Testimony
5.28.12 HRSDC Announces New Wage Structure for LMO Applications
5.28.12 HRSDC Announces Accelerated Labour Market Opinion Initiative
5.24.12 The Innocent Insured: Intent vs. Negligence
5.22.12 Ontario's Budget 2012: Employees Requested to Tighten Their Belts - Again...
5.15.12 Canada: Your Next Retail Frontier
5.14.12 Ontario: A Compelling Jurisdiction for Resolving Commercial and Trade Disputes
5.1.12 The New Tort Relating to Invasion of Privacy: Insurance Implications [Powerpoint Slides]
5.1.12 Legal Update: Noteworthy Developments [Powerpoint Slides]
5.1.12 Internet Defamation: The World Wide Web of Exposure [Powerpoint Slides]
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