109 Items
4.24.17 Chris McKibbin talks LVTS and anti-fraud measures with the Law Times
4.17.17 Canadian Lawyer speaks to David Ullmann about changing commercial leasing landscape
4.11.17 Henry Chang breaks down Bill C-23 to ADVISOR.CA
4.3.17 Immigration lawyers decry preclearance bill C-23: Henry Chang comments to Law Times
3.27.17 Are interlocutory orders making a comeback in IP? Law Times asks Andrea Rush
3.17.17 Henry Chang interviewed by CTV News to talk Canadian nurses denied entry at US border
3.9.17 How Trump's Second Travel Ban Affects Canadians
3.7.17 CBC The National asks Henry Chang: What rights do Canadians have at the border?
2.27.17 John Polyzogopoulos talks duty of care & Meehan v. Good to The Law Times
2.13.17 Jack Siegel speaks about PMO's handling of electoral reform to The Hill Times
2.3.17 Henry Chang explains how Trump's Executive Order affects Canadians to Advisor.ca
1.16.17 Rafal Szymanski comments on Farley v. Ottawa Police Services Board to Law Times
1.5.17 Henry Chang interviewed on CBC News TV, talks problems with eTA
1.4.17 Henry Chang quoted in CBC News on who is affected by the eTA
1.3.17 What To Know If You Are Barred From The United States
12.19.16 Maria Scarfo talks to the Law Times
12.14.16 Dual citizens heading home for the holidays need Canadian passports
11.28.16 Bob Potts talks AOO land development venture with CBC News
11.28.16 Sales centres, plans unveiled for former Rockcliffe air base
11.9.16 Henry Chang talks to MoneySense about immigrating to Canada under Trump
11.9.16 How do I move to Canada?
11.7.16 Chang talks US-Canada Immigration Surge to Media on Eve of American Election
11.1.16 Chang: Why you should relinquish US citizenship rather than renounce
10.19.16 Bob Potts speaks to CBC News about proposed Algonquin land claim
10.19.16 Potts featured in National Post: AOO land claim agreement
10.18.16 Historic land deal with Algonquin peoples signed by federal, Ontario governments
10.17.16 Maria Scarfo's reappointment as Managing Partner picked up by Financial Post
10.14.16 Gary Srebrolow discusses OHIP decision on Texas treatment to the Law Times
10.12.16 Crossing the border could be harder under Trump
10.5.16 Why Americans With DUIs Can't Enter Canada
10.3.16 David Mackenzie quoted in Canadian Lawyer cyber-insurance article
9.29.16 Lou Brzezinski quoted in The Globe and Mail on Stelco
9.23.16 Changes to Canadian Passport Rules May Inconvenience Dual Citizens
9.9.16 Why That One Time You Smoked Pot Can Get You Banned From The U.S.
8.22.16 NEXUS and Other Trusted Traveller Programs Face Possible Overhaul
8.18.16 WATCH: Henry Chang speaks to CTV News about the Olympic robbery scandal in Rio
8.15.16 David Ullmann comments on a human rights case vs. corporate restructuring to the CBC
8.14.16 Lou Brzezinski speaks about Target Canada's restructuring process to Lexpert Magazine
8.2.16 Sundeep Sandhu is The South Asian News' 'Personality of the Week'
7.18.16 Daily Commercial News features Tammy Evans, "A seasoned development lawyer infused with determination and authority"
7.11.16 The Hill Times spotlights Jack Siegel, the man who led Grits' green-light committee
7.7.16 David Ullmann talks Postmedia restructuring to The Globe and Mail
6.30.16 Dennis Tobin quoted in Canadian Lawyer Magazine
6.29.16 Brexit-Weary Brits Will Have a Tough Time Moving to Canada
6.26.16 Bob Potts comments on recent land claim breakthrough for the Algonquins in The Ottawa Citizen
5.27.16 Leave to appeal Ontario Nortel ruling declined
5.9.16 How Canadian Entrepreneurs Can Open Businesses in the United States
5.3.16 David Ullmann comments on Nortel asset allocation in The Globe and Mail
4.25.16 An Insider's Guide to Finding a Skilled Lawyer
3.28.16 Can Trump-Dodging Americans Really Move to Canada?
3.20.16 Henry Chang comments on Ontario family's potential deportation in the Globe and Mail
3.8.16 Jason Mangano discusses 'How to make partner in a weak market' in Precedent Magazine
3.4.16 So You Want to Move to Canada: Good Luck
3.4.16 Lou Brzezinski speaks to the Toronto Star: Target Canada reached settlement with creditors, landlords
3.3.16 Bob Potts speaks to CBC about historic land claim struck by AOO
2.29.16 Reshaping Foreign Worker Condition
2.17.16 Lexpert quotes Diane Brooks on the future of asset-based lending
1.18.16 Appeal Court nixes escalating interest penalty
1.14.16 VIDEO: Lou Brzezinski talks Target recovery plan on BNN
1.5.16 Jack Siegel defends Sudbury mayor in hearing that clears him of all charges
1.4.16 Siegel speaks out on audit of Sudbury mayor's election expenses
1.4.16 Siegel weighs in on O'Regan treatment tweets to Maclean's
12.8.15 Grayson wrongly says Cruz not an American
12.7.15 In shock policy announcement, Trump calls for total ban on Muslims entering U.S.
10.28.15 Ballot recount begins for Edmonton Mill Woods riding
9.8.15 Is the construction 'boys club' real?
9.3.15 Let's use the Syrian Refugee Crisis to Reconnect Politics with Purpose
6.22.15 Robert Potts on TVO's The Agenda
6.1.15 CCAA vs. BIA, Legal Report: Insolvency
4.21.15 Tammy Evans Quoted in Daily Commercial News
4.3.15 Target's retreat tactics raise questions about CCAA
3.27.15 Target moves to shut all Canadian stores faster than planned
3.17.15 Target Canada considered winding down operations as early as September
3.13.15 Shoppers Claim Target Canada Cheated, Jacked Up Prices Ahead Of Sales
3.13.15 Target Canada's Claim It Owes Itself $1.9 Billion The Source Of A Brewing Battle
3.11.15 Target didn't stock up before closing, court finds
3.8.15 Landlords buy back Target stores for $138 million
3.6.15 Target insolvency proceedings to be transparent, judge vows
3.5.15 Target Canada's $1.9-billion debt under court review
3.5.15 Suppliers vow to challenge Target's intercompany debt claims
3.5.15 Suppliers plan to challenge Target Canada's intercompany debt claims
3.3.15 Suppliers put Target Canada in the hot seat
2.9.15 Target and landlords in court battle over sale of leases
2.4.15 Target liquidation sale to start Thursday
10.20.14 John Polyzogopoulos quoted in Law Times article entitled, "Judge Steps into Role of Soccer Referee"
6.6.14 Where is Rob Ford? Brother, lawyer say he's in rehab
4.9.14 Courts not some Jurassic Park: Justice Brown
3.13.14 Ralph Cuervo-Lorens Quoted in SNL Metals & Mining
1.31.14 Justin Bieber's legal woes put him at risk of being turned back at U.S. border: experts
1.31.14 Justin Bieber could be turned back at U.S. border in wake of mounting legal issues, experts
1.30.14 White House will have to answer petition's call for Justin Bieber deportation
1.29.14 Justin Bieber charged with assault on limo driver after he turns himself over to Toronto police;
1.29.14 Justin Bieber deportation movement unlikely to be success
1.29.14 White House to answer petition's call for Bieber's deportation
1.13.14 Properties in Default: When Can Second Mortgagee Take Control
11.28.13 Ford could have trouble crossing border for Winter Classic: Lawyer
9.3.13 Could Canada's politicians be denied U.S. entry because they smoked pot?
8.24.13 Crime without punishment: Canada's investment fraud problem
4.15.13 Regulatory daisy chain threatens advisors
4.1.13 Jack Siegel, Election Guru
3.18.13 John Polyzogopoulos quoted in Law Times article entitled, "Fraud a Big Challenge in Insolvency Cases"
3.5.13 Thieves of Bay Street: How Banks, Brokerages and the Wealthy Steal Billions from Canadians
1.11.13 Current Labour Strife with Ontario Teachers' Unions
12.20.12 Tentative Land Claim Deal Reached by Algonquin Negotiators
12.2.12 Ford Asks Court to Set Aside Decision to Audit his Election Expenses
11.5.12 Move to Canada If Romney Wins? Not So Fast
8.10.12 Getting a U.S. Work Visa
5.4.12 An Overview of Customs Law in Canada
5.2.12 Liberals Say Election Mailout to Jewish Community Might have led to Illegal Voting
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