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Blaneys Fidelity Blog, maintained by Blaneys partners David S. Wilson and Christopher McKibbin, provides updates on recent developments in fidelity insurance in Canada and the United States, and will also cover other topics of interest to fidelity insurers, including subrogation and recovery issues.

Recent Posts
8.14.19 - C.S. McCrossan Inc.: Eighth Circuit applies Crime Policy’s Authorized Representative Exclusion in finding No Coverage for loss caused by Insured’s Property Manager’s Employee
5.22.19 - Starr: New York Supreme Court applies Termination condition in finding No Coverage under Fidelity Bond for Loss caused to Insurer by Managing General Agent
11.26.18 - Posco Daewoo: U.S. District Court applies Ownership Condition in rejecting Creditor’s “Reverse” Social Engineering Fraud Claim under its own Crime Policy
10.18.18 - Fidelity Law Association / ABA Fidelity & Surety Law Committee Conference – Philadelphia, November 7-8, 2018
10.12.18 - CP Food: U.S. District Court finds No Coverage under Crime Policy for Insured’s Vicarious Liability for Theft of Customers’ Funds
5.1.18 - Aqua Star: Ninth Circuit applies Authorized Entry Exclusion to Social Engineering Fraud Claim
1.31.18 - Hudson Heritage: U.S. District Court dismisses Fraudulent Loans claim where Credit Union failed to plausibly plead Alteration of Original Documents of Title
11.30.17 - Cooper Industries: Fifth Circuit applies Crime Policy’s Ownership Condition in finding No Coverage for Loss of Funds in Ponzi Scheme
11.6.17 - Posco Daewoo: U.S. District Court rejects Creditor’s “Reverse” Social Engineering Fraud Claim under its own Crime Policy
10.30.17 - Teva: Supreme Court of Canada rejects Fictitious or Non-Existing Payee Defence in finding Collecting Banks Liable for Employee Cheque Fraud
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