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Jack Siegel quoted in The Hill Times regarding the proposed legislation around election misinformation
"[Jack] is, was, and remains the foremost election law expert in this country"

As the regulation of politics grows, so too does the need for participants in the process to keep track of the myriad, and often sometimes contradictory, rules that govern the political process on the at federal, and provincial and municipal levels. To provide that counsel, the firm offers strong expertise in election and political law.

We advise corporations, trade and industry associations, financial institutions, political parties, committees, candidates, and high net-worth individuals regarding compliance with the increasingly complex array of laws governing the political process. These include federal and provincial campaign finance, lobbying registration and disclosure, federal and provincial campaign finance, and government ethics laws. Working closely with election officials at all levels, we provide guidance and direction to ensure compliance and, where necessary, that prompt corrective action is taken. We also advise and assist federal, provincial and municipal candidates for office on judicial recounts, making arguments as to whether and how particular votes should be counted.

Although prosecutions under election legislation are rare, charges can be laid from time to time, not only against candidates, but also against campaign contributors and volunteers. Our familiarity with the regulatory framework, and with the regulators, allows us to provide effective and knowledgeable representation when the need arises.

Corporate governance issues are an ongoing concern, and we are also able to perform “political audits” for companies and associations to assure directors and shareholders of their compliance with relevant statutes and regulations, particularly relating to contribution limits and the lobbying of public office-holders.