Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Alternate Estate Dispute Resolution in current COVID-19 times
"authoritative, approachable, practical pathways to resolution"

Blaney McMurtry continues to be a leader in developing innovative and practical solutions to disputes. Alternative Dispute Resolution, or ADR, refers to a range of alternatives to litigation, including mediation and arbitration.

Unlike litigation, ADR combines the opportunity to control costs, timing, outcome, privacy and stress, with the ability to restore and strengthen business or family relationships.

ADR can be the most effective mechanism for resolving:

  • commercial conflicts
  • construction disputes
  • labour and employment matters
  • aboriginal issues
  • shareholders’ disputes
  • insurance claims
  • insolvency and bankruptcy issues
  • separation and divorce
  • estates conflicts

Blaney McMurtry is committed to ADR as the principal means of resolving disputes whenever appropriate, through a range of services with two primary objectives: dispute prevention and dispute resolution.

Dispute Prevention

We identify disagreements early enough to avoid escalation into full-blown disputes by:

  • presenting educational seminars in conflict management techniques
  • improving existing, or designing new, dispute resolution mechanisms within organizations

Dispute Resolution

We resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively by:

  • helping clients to select the most appropriate process and dispute resolution professional
  • preparing clients to participate effectively in the process
  • advancing clients’ interests and providing them with legal and strategic advice
  • protecting clients’ legal interests by preparing settlement documentation and enforcing any agreement reached
  • providing ADR services such as mediation and arbitration to non-client parties