International Trade and Business

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The number of domestic and foreign companies that engage in cross-border trade and investment continues to grow exponentially. However, businesses that engage in international business transactions must comply with a complex set of international trade and investment laws in addition to domestic laws.

The International Trade and Business Group represents foreign and domestic companies that wish to transport goods, services, capital, and intellectual property across borders. We provide structuring advice to: foreign companies that wish to establish Canadian business operations and/or import items of trade into Canada; and Canadian companies that wish to export items of trade to other countries. Our clients include both multinational companies and small businesses operating in a number of industries, including: manufacturing, transportation, energy and natural resources, banking, insurance, and information technology, among others.

The International Trade and Business Group provides representation to clients in a wide range of trade and investment-related areas, including:

  • Foreign investments subject to the Investment Canada Act;
  • Anti-corruption law compliance under the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (Canada) and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 (United States);
  • Trade and investment analysis of multinational trade agreements (World Trade Organization Agreements, North American Free Trade Agreement, Canada – European Free Trade Association Agreement, etc.) and bilateral free trade agreements (Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement, Canada-Israel Free Trade Agreement, Canada-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement, Canada-Peru Free Trade Agreement, etc.);
  • Trade remedies, including: anti-dumping, countervailing duties, safeguards, free trade agreement dispute settlement, and World Trade Organization dispute settlement;
  • Customs matters such as: export controls and economic sanctions, valuations, tariff classifications, seizures and forfeitures, compliance verification audits, rules of origin, certificates of origin, planning and dispute resolution, and marking and labeling of goods;
  • Trade and investment implications of international mergers and acquisitions, including the effects of international agreements on various financial transactions;
  • Commodity tax advice and dispute resolution for domestic and non-resident entities, including: GST (HST, QST), Provincial Retail Sales Tax, Excise Tax, and Motor Fuels and Tobacco Tax; and
  • Advising foreign companies on the establishment of business operations in Canada including: tax implications, employment and labour issues, intellectual property licensing and registrations, real property acquisitions or leasing; and domestic banking and insurance issues.