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The legalization of Cannabis across Canada creates a number of unprecedented issues and opportunities for businesses and individuals. Our Cannabis law team is a multi-disciplinary one bringing our expertise in litigation and advocacy as well as real estate and business law to the cannabis industry. 

We offer support with the following:

Corporate and M&A

  • setting up, raising capital, corporate organization, and M&A for a cannabis business
  • representing companies that support the production of cannabis
  • advising cannabis companies in negotiating and developing research and development collaborations or clinical testing with institutions to advance their research goals
  • advising in commercial agreements relating to the cannabis industry, including, product development, packaging, labelling, licensing, supply, distribution, IT and tech transfer agreements


  • advising on the impact of cannabis legislation on insurance claims and the advent of new insurance products/policies for the industry

Intellectual Property

  • advising businesses on developing intellectual property assets in this new industry, with specialized expertise in patents, trade-marks and plant breeders’ rights, and protecting their products through IP rights by enforcement or licensing strategies


  • advising on the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees in the workplace and the related employment polices

Real Estate

  • advising commercial business owners and landlords on how to navigate the new legislation

Cross-Border issues

  • advising businesses and individuals on cross-border issues and implications of legalization on U.S. travel

Dispute Resolution & Product Liability

  • advising and representing businesses  and other parties involved in disputes over cannabis related issues
  • advising on product liability issues related to health care products

Advertising and licensing

  • advising on regulatory, advertising, and marketing matters relating to the cannabis industry
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