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Blaney McMurtry’s approach to workplace law is rooted in the premise that employees are an employer’s most important asset.

Blaneys’ workplace lawyers have the necessary expertise to help organizations establish, sustain and enhance the constructive workplace relationships which are the foundation of the most productive and profitable enterprises. We encourage our clients to make active and regular use of our extensive knowledge and experience.

We are well-known to specialists in workplace law and to the administrative tribunals that govern it. We often speak to employer and employee organizations about the current developments in the law and the latest cases affecting it.

We host workplace law seminars for all of our clients and we tailor enterprise-specific seminars and briefing sessions for individual organizations.

We provide clients with checklists to help ensure that they cover all the bases in such areas as internal investigations, severance package preparation, and work arrangements for independent contractors to ensure all requirements are properly met.

While it is impossible to avoid all problems in the employment relationship, sound personnel policies, set out clearly and understandably and applied positively and pro-actively, can significantly reduce conflicts.

We support frontline managers and supervisors in their efforts to establish and maintain productive workplace relationships.

Blaneys’ workplace lawyers provide the complete range of labour and employment law counsel and service to private-sector, public-sector and not-for-financial-profit enterprises and to trade unions.



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  • Ontario Bar Association's 18th Annual Current Issues in Employment Law