Members of the Aviation Group have acted in litigation arising out of most major aviation disasters involving Canadians in the past 40 years.  Examples include the bombing of Air India 182, the shooting down of Korean Air Lines 007 by the Soviet Union, the fire onboard Air Canada 797 and many other losses around the world including claims against Air Transat, EgyptAir, Lufthansa and Ethiopian Airlines.

We act on behalf of passengers, crew members, pilots, owners and service providers in claims involving fatal and other injuries, and cargo, hull and other property losses.  We also litigate domestic and foreign commercial and insurance disputes between those in the aviation community. We defended a year-long trial involving the leasing and purchase of a fleet of aircraft in which it was alleged breaches resulted from the payment of bribes by a manufacturer.

Some of the services we provide related to aviation include:

  • class proceedings
  • finance and leasing
  • product liability and carriage claims
  • accident litigation
  • insurance coverage and defence
  • contract disputes
  • environmental regulation and litigation including cases arising from the shipment, transportation, storage and disposal of hazardous materials
  • advising on business transactions and structures
  • domestic and international arbitrations
  • negotiation and preparation of commercial agreements and debt restructuring
  • immigration and negotiation of employment and agency agreements