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About Your Personal Information

In collecting, using and disclosing personal information on this Website, Blaney McMurtry LLP (Blaneys) adheres to the general privacy principles set out in firm's Privacy Policy and to the specific personal information practices set out below.

Uses of Personal Information Collected on this Website

We collect and use personal information provided by individuals who use this Website, as required to process their specific requests to subscribe to one of our publications, to register for one of our seminars or to obtain information about our firm.

An individual may unsubscribe from any of Blaney's publications at any time by calling 1-877-593-7221 (ext. 3600) toll-free.

Visiting Our Internet Sites

When you go directly to our Website and move from page to page, read pages or download content onto your computer, we learn which pages are visited and what content is downloaded. We use this information only in aggregate from and not in a manner which will identify an individual. We do this in order to understand how many people visit our Website and the frequency with which certain pages of the site are visited.

E-mail Comments, Questions or Responses

When you send an e-mail to Blaneys or when you ask for a response by e-mail, we learn your exact e-mail address and any information you have included in the e-mail. Your e-mail address will be used to acknowledge your request for information and/or to reply to your questions.

Please remember: E-mail over the Internet is generally unencrypted. We recommend that you do not include confidential information when forwarding free-format e-mail messages to us.

Privacy Policy

Blaney McMurtry LLP ("Blaneys" "we" "us" "our") is a Toronto-based full service law firm. As a trusted legal advisor, the privacy of personal information and the confidentiality of the advice we furnish, is and has always been a top priority at Blaneys. We provide this Privacy Policy to our clients, potential clients, our employees, partners and business partners, in order to assure and remind them of how and why we handle the personal information of our clients; with care and discretion.

What type of personal information do we collect?

Personal information is any information that is identifiable to an individual, or by which, through deduction, would be identifiable to an individual. It does not include the name, business address, title and contact information of an employee of an organization. In providing and marketing our professional services we collect and use information about our potential and existing clients ("client information").

We typically collect personal information from our clients in our communications with them, including the initial interview, subsequent meetings, telephone calls, correspondence and emails. In some instances, we also collect personal information about our clients from independent sources such as, insurers, other professional advisors, employers and government institutions and registries.

Consent to the collection and use of personal information?

We collect, use and, if applicable, disclose, client personal information in order to provide legal services, bill and collect our fees, market our services, and advise of firm events and developments in the law.

If the purpose for which we are collecting information directly from an individual is obvious from the very nature of our interaction, we may assume from an individual's behaviour that they consent to the collection and use of their personal information for such obvious purpose. If a purpose is not obvious, we explain the purpose for which we collect, use or disclose personal information and typically, we obtain oral consent to this collection, use or disclosure.

A client always has the option not to consent or to withdraw his or her consent to the collection, use and disclosure of his or her personal information. However, under these circumstances we may be unable to provide or to continue to provide our professional services.

We also use some basic personal information about our clients (including individuals who have expressed an interest in our firm) such as name, address and those aspects of our firm's services and publications of interest to that person, in order to provide such individuals with information about firm events and our professional services. Our use of personal information for this purpose is entirely optional and any individual who does not wish to receive our publications and promotional mailings may simply advise our Chief Privacy Officer of his or her preferences and we will cease to use such individual’s information for these optional marketing purposes. It goes without saying that we do not sell or disclose our client lists to anyone for marketing purposes nor do we disclose our client lists for any other purpose unless required by law to do so.

Disclosure of Personal Information

We disclose personal information for the purposes of providing legal services and administering a client’s account including, for example:

  • when the legal services we provide require a disclosure of personal information;

  • when we have obtained a specific authorization to make the disclosure;

  • when we are compelled by law or a court order to disclose personal information; and

  • if necessary to establish or collect our fees.

We sometimes retain on behalf of our clients, or suggest that they retain, other professional services firms. Typically, the firm will be another law firm which is part of TAGLaw, or Risk Management Counsel, two examples of law firm networks in which we participate. If we retain such a firm on behalf of one of our clients, this is always done with the consent of and at the direction of our client. Such law firms are independent professional services firms and they are responsible for their own information handling practices and the personal information that they collect, use, retain or disclose.

Retention of Personal Information

We need to keep records of the professional work we perform. As a result, some of our records may contain personal information which we must retain.

We sometimes retain third parties ("authorized administrator") to perform on our behalf, certain functions in support of our business and the professional services we provide. Such functions could include records retention and document destruction. Accordingly, in certain instances these authorized administrators will be provided with personal information to the extent that it is necessary in the performance of those specific administrative services on our behalf. Our authorized administrators must use and take steps to protect the personal information we provide to them. They must, at a minimum, take precautions that are in accordance with our security standards and information handling principles.

Accuracy of Personal Information

In order to provide you with a professional level of service the personal information that we collect must be accurate, complete and current. From time to time, we will, where appropriate and necessary, update client personal information. We also rely on our clients to advise us of any changes to their personal information which may be relevant to the advice and services we provide.

Safety of Personal Information

We protect personal information by applying appropriate safeguards to our physical and electronic files. We limit access to our physical and electronic files to those individuals who need access in the performance of their employment and professional duties. To the extent necessary to effectively deliver a broad range of the highest quality legal services, client information is shared within the firm when and to the extent necessary.

Physical files are maintained in premises that are not available to the public (e.g., restricted access premises, locked rooms and filing cabinets) and our electronic files containing personal information are maintained in a secure environment. Clients should be aware that complete security of communications via the internet or via email cannot be guaranteed. We do not presently apply encryption technology to such communications. Clients communicating highly sensitive information may wish to choose another method of communication or to make special arrangements with us.

Access and Correction

Individuals have the right to request to review, and if applicable, correct their personal information in our possession. An individual may make such a request by writing to our Chief Privacy Officer at the address provided below. The right to access personal information is not absolute. For example access may be denied if the information sought is subject to a legal privilege or subject to a lien to protect our firm’s property and rights. Upon proof of entitlement and proper identification a summary of such personal information will be provided. More detailed requests which require archive or other retrieval costs may be subject to reasonable fees and charges.

Privacy Concerns

We will respond to questions and concerns relating to our personal information handling practices and this Privacy Policy. If you have such concerns, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer.

Contacting our Privacy Officer

This Privacy Policy may be amended and updated from time to time. The most up-to-date version of our privacy policy is available at or by contacting:

Chief Privacy Officer
Blaney McMurtry LLP
2 Queen Street East, Suite 1500
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 3G5
(fax) 416.593.2970


Please be aware that contacting us via e-mail does not mean that the firm is acting for the sender of the e-mail. People do not become clients unless and until the firm agrees to act and that representation will be confirmed in a retainer agreement or retainer letter, in accordance with our usual policies. Unless you are an existing client, no information provided in an e-mail will be considered confidential. We ask that you do not send us specific questions on any matter until you receive confirmation that we are able to represent you.

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