November 22, 2019

Jack Siegel comments on Ontario's Municipal Elections Act in The Toronto Star

Jack Siegel was quoted in The Toronto Star article "Rules that got Jim Karygiannis turfed necessary to prevent ‘abuse,’ ex-minister says"The story brings to light recent consequences of reforms passed in 2016 with respect to Ontario's Municipal Elections Act that imposed strict budget limits to celebrations held on-or-following the night of an election as well as on other forms of gratitude directed towards campaign members.

Justifying the intention of the 2016 reforms, Jack comments:

“This (campaign money) is taxpayer money,” he said. “If you blow it on a party where everybody gets an open bar with the finest of liquors and a $250 gift certificate for Costco, it’s not a reasonable gesture of appreciation — that’s what the legislation is trying to capture here.”

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