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December 03, 2019

Jack Siegel quoted in The Toronto Star regarding the ruling of Superior Court Justice Chalmers

The Toronto Star spoke to Blaneys’ Partner Jack Siegel about the ruling of Superior Court Justice William Chalmers relating to the reinstatement of Councillor Jim Karygiannis into office after having been relieved of his duties for filing a supplementary financial statement showing that he had overspent the limit for parties and other post-election “expressions of appreciation” set out by Ontario's Municipal Elections Act.

In The Toronto Star's article, "Jim Karygiannis is back at city hall but not yet clear of campaign finance scrutiny" Jack commented:

"It’s 'nothing less than bizarre' to eject politicians who are upfront about overspending, while giving those caught later through a compliance audit a chance to plead honest mistake and keep their job, he said."

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