October 09, 2018

Blaneys' Coffee House: October 2018

Blaneys' Coffee House
Letter from the Editors

“From those beginnings in Edward Lloyd’s coffee house on Tower Street, City of London, in 1688, Lloyd’s has been a pioneer in insurance, and has grown over 325 years to become the world’s leading market for specialist insurance.

Greetings from Toronto, Canada. The colour of Autumn / Fall is finally upon us!

In this edition, we are providing you with two interesting, and hopefully useful, articles, one about the use of Fitbit data as evidence, and another about the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, which will become Canada’s reality on 17 October 2018, and likely will be a big deal for insurers operating in Canada, over the coming years. We strongly urge you to read this article (including the detailed footnotes), in order to familiarize yourselves with this significant change in Canadian law.

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Anna Casemore | Co-Editor     

Ian Epstein | Co-Editor 

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