Immigration - FAQ


The following are provided for general information only and are not intended to be comprehensive reviews of developments in the law nor are they intended to provide legal advice. Readers should not act on information in these selections without seeking specific advice on the particular issues which concern them.

What is a Canadian Permanent Residence visa?

A Canadian Permanent Residence visa grants permission to the holder to live and work lawfully anywhere in Canada. In addition, this type of visa provides for access to many of Canada's social programs including heath care.

How long will it take Citizenship and Immigration Canada to process my Application for Permanent Residence in Canada?

The processing times vary depending on the location of the visa post, processing time may take as little as 6 months to as much as 3 years.

Does Canada have a uniform immigration selection criteria and procedure?

To date, only the province of Quebec has its own immigration policies, selection criteria and procedures.

May I bring my adult children with me to Canada and include them on my Application for Permanent Residence as accompanying dependants?

The only way in which your children age nineteen and over can accompany you to Canada is if they have been continuously enrolled in a full-time program of education since their nineteenth  birthday and have been and continue to be financially dependent upon you.

May I immigrate to Canada alone and then have my dependents follow me at a later date?

Yes, as long as your dependents arrive in Canada before the expiration date indicated on your visa.

My permanent resident visa contains an expiration date, can this date be extended?

No, regardless of your circumstances.

How do I maintain my permanent resident status in Canada?

You must reside in Canada for a minimum of 2 years in any consecutive 5 year period.

When will I be eligible for Canadian citizenship?

You may apply for Canadian citizenship after you have been a permanent resident of Canada for 3 years or less in some circumstances.

Must I give up my current citizenship if I want to become a Canadian citizen?

No, Canada recognizes dual-citizenship. You may be able to retain the citizenship of your homeland.  You should check with your homeland to determine whether dual citizenship is recognized there.

Is a medical examination required?

Yes, you and any dependant will be required to pass a medical examination by a physician designated by the Canadian Government for prospective landed immigrants as well as some applicants for temporary status. The proposed new legislation may admit dependants with health difficulties.