May 2016

Practitioners Guide to Estate Practice, 6th Edition

LexisNexis Canada

Lawyers practising estate law – either as their main focus or as part of their practice – have long considered this book to be a time-saving resource, covering both contentious and non-contentious estate legal issues. Practitioners handling an estate administration file, no matter how seasoned, have found themselves, time and time again, reaching for this guide book. Written by a leading practitioner in the estates, wills and trusts area of law, this handy practice manual is filled with insightful commentary and up-to-date forms and precedents.

New in this Edition

  • Requirements surrounding the preparation of an Estate Information Return as part of the estate administration process
  • Treatment of joint accounts and other trust holdings in completing the Estate Information Return as well as role of the Minister of Finance in auditing and assessing estate administration taxes owing
  • Significant changes to the taxation of trusts and charitable donations from estates and resulting changes to estate planning rules
  • Entitlement of separated, but not divorced spouse, versus subsequent common law spouse to receive survivor's benefit under a pension plan
  • Challenges to the validity of a will on public policy grounds
  • Limitation periods for estate claims

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