Legal Risk Management Services


We understand that our clients prefer to avoid legal disputes or exposure in the first place. Our broad insurance coverage and litigation experience allows us to go beyond the role of traditional service provider. We help clients assess their legal risks and provide practical advice on how to avoid or minimize future legal disputes or exposures.

Using our knowledge of the law and the insurance industry, we provide a number of legal risk management services, including:

  • Assisting clients to identify and anticipate legal risk by examining the context of the potential problem and suggesting practical preventive measures;
  • Educating clients on what the law demands to assist in reducing or transferring legal risk;
  • Advising risk managers and insurers on steps they should take immediately after a significant loss to provide for an optimal defence;
  • Assisting underwriters and policyholders in managing legal risks, including policy wording review, amendment and drafting; and
  • Directing coverage-related investigations, communications and negotiations to resolve differences short of coverage litigation.