Benefit Corporations and CSR

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Benefit corporations: Legislators should tread lightly
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In addition to assisting business in its day to day legal issues, Blaneys is committed to the future of business in Canada and advising business organizations on corporate governance and corporate social responsibility issues and trends.

The benefit corporation model now common in the USA and some other countries may be a solution that unfetters the for-profit, socially responsible enterprise. It also represents a way to connect social impact investors with qualified, socially responsible corporations.

The benefit corporation is a strictly voluntary status and serves as a for-profit model that enables a corporation to pursue profit-generating activities while contemporaneously promoting positive effects on society and the environment. This benefit corporation is also complementary to non-profit and charitable activities, but on a much larger scale.

From the point of view of an investor, entrepreneur, business owner, director or CEO, this is the time to have input and help to define the discussion and the implementation of benefit corporation legislation. Canada has an opportunity to be the leader in enabling voluntary adoption of socially responsible purposes by for-profit companies. Your business has an opportunity to be a leader in your market.

We are interested in promoting legislation in Canada at the provincial and federal level to enable for profit corporations to take the next step and include public benefit mission statements in their articles of incorporation.

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